News from Cą d'furn.


last modified 21-Jan-2018
  January To be fair, the arrival was before the New Year Eve so we spend the 2nd time the change of the years at ca d'furn. This time better prepared for the "feragosta" time. We often had clear nights and in that mornings everything was frozen outside. But too days with wet, near rain out of the fog.
Time to work only inside and eat traditional dishes in the evenings.
Special this long with low temperature cooked dishes like a pheasant...
October Again more then two weeks of holidays. Every place in the area was dry, really dry. No rain since July, only twice in September (is to remember as it was during two nights at the long weekend stay). Means no porcinis, no truffels...
September A long weekend to relax and to check the progress of the little renovation. The terrasse looks terrible after the storms, but the paintings and sealing of the brick walls looks good.
Mhhh, and the new heating circle... Issues with the circulation pump and the shower gets every day a bit colder, until the boiler had only fresh cold water...

More then two week holiday this time. A bit cooler then last year, but it was visible that there was to less rain in the last time. Everything was dry...

But perfect what you get in fresh local fruits at the street markets. Time for "jam" with cherry, apricots and strawberries. And clear a dessert must be as cake or with ice cream.
Yes and it was time too to create the own bouillon with cattle bones.

Much better the situation in the mornings out on the terrace with the new sun sail. Much more shadow.

We had time, when we travelled to the barolo area, to have a look at the golf club or better the building we often stayed in the past. Everything closed, no longer any greens or short a dream has ended...

April A long weekend after the Easters to relax.
Yes, it was cold enough and possible to test the new heating circle in our "little renovation".

Another long weekend to check the progress of the little renovation and the first time with friends.
Impressed is the only word that matches what they told about ca d'furn.
As it was ways to cold in January, was it now to warm, so the new heating part could not be tested, but the rest looks finished, except the paintings and sealing the bricks.

A special remark, the now six month old Lacotto Romagnolo was the first time back in her country, Italy...

Some new sources added for food and too remarks to "supermercatos".

Lacotto Romagnolo
January A long weekend to check the progress of the little renovation. Yes, it was ice cold in the area and the last day at noon down in the valley and the sun still minus 9 degrees Celsius. But nice progress of our party room.
October Two weeks holiday and starting with heavy rains the first night and Saturday morning. After nice weather except the second sunday, but often starting with for until noon and it get no so fast cold late afternoon like a year before. Nice too, much less insects trying to enter the house except wasps and outside no mosquitoes. Must have special weather conditions as we looked at different places, no truffels, no porcini!!! But autum has others to offer...
Yes, downstairs progess was clear visible and the windows for the portico were delivered and mounted.
September A long weekend with stil to hot weather during the day and a big surprise at the street market in Nizza, they sell local porcinis!!
June Two weeks holiday. A very hot time, but do it like the local people, have every day a long, long siesta.
The work to renew the ovenroom, portico and bathroom downstairs started mid May showed some good progress but the offer to finish until end of August? Hey it is Italy.
April A long weekend at the house, and yes we got the OK from the local mayor to start our project with portico and oven room
January To be exact, it was to the last day in December, so we spent the first time the New Years Eve at ca d'furn.
It was really cold the first time in the house, only downstairs the fireplace and the kitchen let it be soon be cozy, special the floors in the sleeping rooms took time and finally the third morning you did not get cold feet in the morning.
And exact the day the long term weather forecast had planed it, it started to snow. OK, only this evening, but near midnight we had around 5 cm of snow on the terrasse.
But the full time more or less only relaxing, shoping and having nice diners.
October Two weeks holiday. Most time for relaxing and a trial installation of the sunsails, because were no longer needed, as we are happy when it was warm enough outside sitting in the sun.
We finished the fly meshes for the most required windows we wish to open from spring to autumn, special end of the warmer times a lot of insects tries to find a place inside at a dry and not freezing place.
September A long weekend and a big thunderstorm out of the blue sky.
June Two weeks holiday. First starts with a bad surprise as the telescope mast for the sunsails are not matching to the prepared mount points. Grrr, bad work.
But it was fixed until the seconds week, so we could take the measurements. And we had a nice day at the Expo Milano 2015.
April A long weekend and the sunsails make some progress.

It was snowing. More then 10 centimeters. But who believe it, when not seen yourself?
Emanuele was very helpfull and drove up to the house and took a few pictures.
Have a look at the winter impression picture gallery!

January First time vacancies in winter at our house. Perhaps a bad idea in the week with January 6th, the week was like "feragosta"...
But a good week with very fresh mornings (below zero degrees Celsius) and to warm sunny afternoons and no snow.
December We got first offers for the planned works around oven room, portico, bathroom and stairs.
But we miss still the more importent ones, with higher priority the offers for the sun sails.
November First version of the website put online, with a little help of Emanuele to have the 5th language on board, piemontese.
October Let say it the first vacancies in our house. The first week with a lot of heavy rain, but it shows us, roof is ok, walls are ok, good job done in the past. And a week with some work done. The 2nd week with much more relaxing and even when in the morning everything was white with rime, in the afternoon you could sit outside in the sun, often be happy to have some shadow.
Lot of talks too how to go on with the ovenroom, portico and stairs.
August Initial work done to create this website.
June Vacancies? Work, work, harder work...
May One weekend a bulky transport was on the way to our house. Lucky we, the most importent work in the house was just finished.
April We got the offers for the new venetien blinds for the south side large windows, for the plaster removing downstairs with sandblasting after, new white painting the first floor including removing of everything drill into the walls and agreed to start with all the work.
April 3rd The new kitchen is choosen and ordered at the kitchen builder in Nizza Monferato.
April 1st 9am at the notario where a 2 1/2 hour traditional ceremony starts, with a lot of signing papers, handover of keys and checks.
The afternoon and next days was filled with visiting gas, electricity and water company together with R to cancel his contracts and move them over to us, including one local "city hall" to let them know who is the new owner.
March 31st Everything was organized and in the afternoon a last inspection of the now cleared house. Many people were there, R, the current owner, D and his father as geometra, M to get his money from the decorations which we checked and took over, and, and, and...
January A date with the notario was fixed.
We had a lot of email exchanged with the current tenat M, offering us part of the decorations. He wanted to sell us everything, so he had not to clear the house, but ways to expensive. We ourself picked out only things we thought would be nice to have them and are usable for us or avoid a lot of work, as example, to hide already drilled holes in then walls having not matching mirrors or lamps. And most importent, the house had to be cleared, special the mess in the garage.
December The 2nd offer was accepted and we had a precontract.
November We decided to made an offer for buying the house. Clear as deep or cheap as possible, but was denied.

We had a date to visit a first time our future cą d'furn. The current decoration was a bit, mh, let it open... and downstairs in the garage a big mess. But the house itself, wow...
A week later we could have a 2nd visit. This time we checked more the critical points.