A cą del furn

or a dream comes true

Yes, it was a dream, starting in the late 90th, having your own house or apartment in Piedmont after so many holidays there. One day in 2012 opens a door wide and let make us some plans. An agreement, to look every holiday for a house, maximum two years long, and we should be able to pay it by cash without any help of a bank, one without to much work from us or others, to be usable as soon as possible, one with the running cost not higher then the current payments for the apartments.
There was a first candidate in June 2013. Nice place, right size but ways to much work in renovation. Then a second one. A nice renovated house in mid age stile, outside the castle walls, a bakery. But finally, to fare away of any living village, the own one was near death, and importantly too, no nice view over the hills of the area.
And a lot of luck in October 2013. Again a bakery. A school house. The mayors house. Nice renovated from 2008 until end of 2011, except the lower parts, the oven room, stairs down, the portico and the garage. There were in the past problems with the wrong plaster and the old bricks, but as we could see, a lot was already done to dry the walls and hold them dry. A nice place, with a nice view over the hills, and easy to maintain when we could not stay there for some time.
Step by step we went further to the appointment with the notario. A lot to learn too, how this goes in Italy.
Another day the broker asked us, how we will call the house, because in Italy every house has a name. Villa O... he assumed. Never was our answer. First idea, Casa con forno. Too normal. Accidentally stumbled out in the internet over a web site with Piedmontese words, furn is forno. Some more investigation. Cą is casa. In written Piedmontese the correct name is "A cą del furn", but in spoken Piedmontese "Cą d'furn". So simply.
About us? Three mid 50th Swiss people, who likes slow food (as is called today in new german), means fresh pasta, tartufi bianco, a nice piece of grilled meat and clear always a glas of matching wine. You will learn more about us, when we meet a first time at the cą d'furn!